Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Two Month Birthiversary!

Our little Magnolia Grace is 2 months old!

We had our "well-baby check" on Monday. Maggie continues to be in (or above) the 95 percentile for weight and height. She currently weighs 13 pounds 4 ounces -- Mama's guess was only one ounce off! She is 24 3/8 inches long, which is why she needs 6 months clothes if it is a one-piece outfit with feet. The doctor commented on how interactive she was after Magnolia spent the entire exam smiling and "talking" to her, except for when she got her immunization shot. She cried and snuggled a lot after that, but did get a cool Snoopy band-aid.

Our "conversations" are the highlights of my days. Besides becoming more talkative, she spends much of her day trying to fit her fists or fingers in her mouth, especially whenever her soother falls out. So far she hasn't rolled over, but she's close. Regularly, she will roll onto her side to get a better look at the sides of her playmat.

It seems like Magnolia is studying everything. We're learning about her too. For example, we now know that when Maggie's eyebrows turn red she is trying to poop, I can guess almost to the minute when she will want to feed next and socks make great hand warmers (her hands are always cold). Most people that see Magnolia regularly describe her as either "happy" or "laidback," which suits us just fine.


erinn::haley said...

maggie is such a pretty baby.

AmberOwen said...

Happy 2-month Birthiversary, Maggie! I hope you enjoyed your cupcakes by-proxy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Has Maggie ever changed in the three weeks since I've been gone. Our little doll-baby looks more and more like her papa. At least from what remember, without the "beard". It sure is fun to watch her personality develop too...she's a little charmer with her precious baby voice and happy smiles. It's good to be home again!