Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PDX Fest: Surreal Systems

The Portland Documentary and Experimental Film Festival (PDX Fest) is a yearly five day event highlighting quality non-mainstream films. Most events and screenings are at the Hollywood Theater. If you're at all interested in catching any of the films, check out the schedule and let me know. I'd love to have company. Tickets are $7 or $40 for a full festival pass.

My piece, Standing in a White Room, with Clothes On, Looking, will show throughout the festival as part of a satellite video art installation show at galleryHomeland inside the Ford Building in SE Portland.

From the press release:
Surreal Systems glimpses at artists working within the wide field of video installation, featuring work from fourteen artists and artist teams from the USA and Europe. What creates a system? Who dictates the rules? And what occurs when the rules fail? These are a few of the questions posed by the work in Surreal Systems. This show promises Portland's heaviest annual dose of installation-based moving images under one roof!
I assume that this gallery portion of the festival is free so, if you're in the area, come check it out.  If you need any more info, go to PeripheralProduce.com.

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Zach Bulick said...

Wow, wish I was in Portland but i'm in Texas which is a bit of a larger trek than coming from Vancouver. Best of luck on the thrifty-ness and couch surfing-ness as well.