Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well, our little Munchkin has her first cold. Mild cough, stuffy nose, but no fever --

"Snort, Snort, Sniffle, Sniffle, Gurgle, Cough, Sneeze, Sneeze, Sneeze"

-- nothing serious. Mama and Papa had to learn how to use the saline drops with the bulb syringe and rectal thermometer (Eeee!) today, much to Magnolia's chagrin. She's been a real trooper -- blessing us with her smiles, extra cuddle-time and longer sleep sessions.

Is it bad that we are kind of enjoying this cute little cold?


AmberOwen said...

I know what you mean. Justin slept (other than two very short, lazy, sleepy feeds) for nearly 11 hours last night with his cold. The extra rest is sorta nice, but it just breaks your heart to see them not comfortable...

I wonder if they picked it up at Church?

Either way, I hope you all get lots of rest and that Maggie gets better quickly!

kate said...

We have had alot of colds here. My 2nd got RSV at 10 days. We learned that Simply Saline Mist is the best. You can buy it at most stores, but it works much better than the drops. And alot easier to get into their nose.
Do the bulb syringe, then use saline mist, then feed 10 minutes later. Works so well.
elevate the crib too.
Steam shower works great right before bed too.

okay, that's alot of unsolicited advice, but I know that I loved all the tips people gave me when my kids were sick.

hope that helps.

emily said...

yeah, that's the same saline we used, they have a baby version with no perservatives. for us, it actually worked better to use the saline first, and wait a few minutes b/f sucking w/the syringe (to loosen use up the mucus), but saline after is great for mosturizing too. it's hard to time it, but it is best to do the whole routine 10-20min b/f nursing (to let the inflammation subside). fun to hang out last night!

Shannon Rush said...

Thanks Ladies! I will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Such great advice from your good friends! Just wish I could be there to help cuddle my little grandbaby to sleep. Kisses, hugs and prayers from Nana to my precious Maggie! Take care of each other and love to all!