Friday, July 6, 2007

Kinda like a single mom

I admire women (and men) that have to be single parents. Even though, I just have puppies, I kinda feel like a single mom right now. But we're adjusting.

The Fourth of July was a little rough as I figured out how to be at a social event with the dogs on my own when I was feeling crummy. A couple friends stepped in to a lend me a hand and reminded me to take care of myself.

Yesterday was better. Trudy went to Doggie Day Care. After some dog park time with Otis, I went strawberry picking with my friends Mike and Emily. Then we went back to Emily's house to make freezer jam with our harvest. Otis played contentedly in Emily's backyard. Trudy was tired in the evening, and after Otis's puppy class he was too. Overall, it was a great day!

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Brian said...

hmm, your first day without me and it's "great"?! ;)