Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Few Things I'm Looking Forward To

-squeezing my wife in the airport (and all the other things that are possible in her presence. you know, like tickling.
-getting lick-attacked by my dogs
-home cooked meals
(one of the numerous Mexican restaurants down here had a sign that said: "Preparado Diariamente. Only $5.59!" Now, I don't know much Spanish, so could someone who does please assure me that that doesn't mean: "Prepared Diarrhea" or "Prepare for Diarrhea.")
-talking to Shannon face to face, hearing more than every other word, and not having to shout at a cell phone
-reacquainting myself with the fact that, yes, my wife is really pregnant and I'm gonna be a papa in seven months
-reading Harry Potter
-soccer! I've been sitting on my butt for 3 weeks
-seeing friends and family
-playing the Frazier's new Wii
-occasional rain and sub-90-degree days
-knowing where good Thai restaurants are located
-not sleeping in a sleeping bag on a bare vinyl mattress. it's like waking up in a greased pan
-seeing the changes Shannon has made to our home
-sharing with Shannon things I've learned at grad school/summer camp
-establishing a consistent studio practice

Only 1 day left! Hope to see many of you soon


Heidi said...

I hope you enjoy your time back with your wife and dogs...
We should hang out soon, Scott got a great job offer, so we're moving to Seattle at the end of August. We'd love to see you before we leave!

Brian said...

whoa! congrats but boo to moving. What's the job? Are you two going to come to Scott's 10 year CIT reunion on the 11th?

Anonymous said...

I don't speak Spanish but I do use Google. I think that "Preparado Diariamente" is the equivalent of "Daily Special" or "Daily Concoction" So for $5.59, that's not bad! Hope that puts your mind at ease Brian. Glad you're home! :) Nat

James Moes said...

I look forward to seeing you again. Comment love from James.

Anonymous said...

I suppose this is rather late...but I just found your blog recently and am enjoying reading the old posts while I wait for a new one that says Baby Girl Rush arrives!

But, I do speak Spanish, and laughed heartily at your interpretation! Your friend Nat is correct, it means literally: "prepared daily".