Sunday, July 22, 2007

HP Everywhere!

Every time a new Harry Potter book comes out, Shannon and I line up with the rest of the hungry muggles at midnight and then read it aloud to each other, usually in a matter of days.

This year we're apart. It's torture. I was all over L.A. today, mostly at art museums--The Getty and UCLA's Hammer Museum, which were both awesome--and everywhere, I mean everywhere someone had the book under their arm or under their nose.

I was in Southern California, on a gorgeous day (I won't mention the smog) in a beautiful museum looking at amazing art. But a big part of me would have rather taken a trip to Hogwarts, via Bellingham Washington. That is, if Hogwarts even opens!

As always, we love getting comments (it encourages regular posts knowing we have regular readers) but don't you dare reveal anything about the story. We've got another whole week to wait.

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