Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How Rude!

It has been harder than I thought to wait to read Harry Potter with Brian, but not for the reasons you may think. Oh, I am excited to read it but I can wait too. It's the last one.

Last week while my mom and I were in D.C., we went to dinner in the pub in the hotel. A middle aged man walked in and sat at the table next to us, alone and reading the end of HP. About 20 minutes later, three nice looking women that had been sitting at the bar walked up to him and asked, "Have they all died yet?" He replied, "Do you really want to know?" They assured him that they had no intention of reading the book. So he started to tell them! I put my fingers in my ears and tried to talk to my mom, but he kept getting louder. Eventually, I had to leave the pub. I checked back twice and he was still going! Later I met my mom back in our room and she now knows the entire plot, including the ending.

The next day at my conference lunch, two ladies were discussing the book. One started commenting on her feelings about the ending, which I think can give away a lot. So I asked them not to talk about it and told them my story. They agreed to not discuss the book. Then a few minutes later the women that she was on the chapter entitled "*blank*." So frustrating.

Again, on the plane, yesterday a woman was bawling reading the end of the book. When she had put it away and stopped crying, the woman next to her started discussing it with her. Now on a plane you can't really get away. So both my mom and I loudly shushed them. They were nice about it.

Brian and I started it last night. But one thing I've learned is to be careful where you talk about things like book or movie endings. You never know what might give something away or who might be near by trying not to hear.

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Blake Kent said...

At Dworshak I hadn't finished reading it, so the first night during fireside I told all the kids to pretend I had a shirt on that said "Harry Potter Free Zone." It worked, and I didn't hear anything.