Saturday, July 21, 2007

February 14th, 2008

Tuesday, I had my official dating ultrasound. The technician was having a hard time measuring the baby so she asked it to move for her. The baby complied almost immediately. It was so cool to see it move and that it is still healthy. He/She is now 1 inch in length. Here are some new pictures.

I'm still feeling crummy most afternoons. But hopefully that will pass when I reach the end of the first trimester. I've spent a lot of time with my parents. They have been a blessing; helping me with the dogs and providing healthy food options. I really miss Brian though.


erinn::haley said...

shannon- glad your parents were able to help ya out with the pups. i hope you are feeling better soon. so exciting the lil one is due valentines day! how sweet. will you guys find out the gender?

Brian said...

erinn, we are definitely going to find out gender. Maybe we should blog about that debate. Some people are really disappointed in us when we tell them we're going to find out.

Jodi said...

Ummm.....NOT disappointed. I love peekers! We found out with both of our kids and those two days were two of my most favorite days of my life. I will eagerly await the news. :)