Monday, June 22, 2009

*Ahem* 38 weeks, doc...not 36!

Last Friday, we had our sizing ultrasound followed by a normal check-up.

After technician squirts jelly on my belly, our little girl shows us how she is practicing breathing, swallowing and sticking out her tongue. Both of us think she looks a lot different than her sister.

Then the usual routine -- blood pressure (same), weight (same), urine test (same), baby moving? (definitely) -- everything is healthy as usual.

The nurse spins her pinwheel to calculate how far along I am and comments "July 14th is just around the corner."

Politely, I correct her. "My due date is July 4th."

I look over her shoulder as she scans my chart. Sure enough, at the top of the page it says: "Due Date: July 14, 2009"

The nurse turns back a page. That one has the heading: "Due Date: July 4, 2009"

No wonder they've been freaking out the last few visits at how big I am.

A few minutes later, my doctor enters the exam room studying the ultrasound results and exclaims, "Yowzers!" in response to the projection that baby #2 will be almost 10 pounds and in the 90+ percentile.

I quickly share with him the discovery the nurse and I made, and his tune completely changes. He'll have the ultrasound tech re-run the report, but he guesses that puts Baby #2 in the range of 70th percentile with a weight estimate of around 8 1/2 pounds.

So planning for a VBAC is a go!

Just in case, this one decides she doesn't want to come out, like her sister did, we scheduled a c-section for July 13th. The end is in sight!
We can't decide if I am bigger this time or last...


Anonymous said...

Definitely bigger this time :)

Hurray for baby #2! Auntie can't wait to meet her!


Margaret said...

4th, 14th, what's the big deal?! ;)

My initial reaction was that you were bigger the first time, but the more I looked at the pics, the more you look about the same to me.

The Horne's said...

I vote bigger this time. But it could just be the shirt, verses the tank top in the first one.

Dena said...


Gotta love those charts and chart readers! ;)

squeekymomma said...

AWESOME!!! Oh I hope you get to do VBAC! Good job Shannon, I know it's been tough with the diet changes and everything else - you're such a great mommy!

Jodi said...

Woo hoo! Yay for a VBAC! Good luck you guys...I'll be praying!

squeekymomma said...

Qwaneesha and LaFawnda will have such a great time playing together! And so soon too!

scottandsara said...

That is great news! We will keep you guys in our prayers over the next 2 weeks! Take care!