Sunday, June 7, 2009

Urine for an Investigation

"Why are the Jeep doors open?" I ask Brian as I back out of our driveway heading to church this morning.

Neither of us is too worried since the Jeep is only loaded with stuff to take to the Re-Store and Goodwill after our weekend garage organizing project.

Brian jumps out anyway to inspect and close the doors.

Sure enough, someone had been in there. A few things were knocked around, but nothing is missing. Actually, something is gained: a cell phone.

The would-be thief left their cell phone! Brian turns it on, reads some text messages and gathers phone numbers for "mom," "dad," and two grandmas, before the battery dies. Sleuth Brian is on the case.

While driving to church..."Shan, does the car smell like pee to you?" "Yeah, maybe its the bag of salt and vinegar chips on the floor?" "No, its stronger than that -- definitely pee." He turns his head to smell the headrest. Sure enough, slightly dampened and reeking of pee. Someone, or something, peed on our headrest. Weird.

Later, Brian drives the Jeep to Improv class and finds the windshield wipers on, both front and back, and the dome lights turned on.

So someone broke into our cars, messed with the settings, peed and left their cell phone??? I feel like this could be on one of those police bloopers about the stupidest criminals.


The Horne's said...

That is CRAZY!!!! That's the weirdest break in ever. Please continue the story as it unfolds.

Jodi said...

What the WHAT?!?!

Jen said...


Margaret said...

This definitely calls for revenge. Pee on the cell phone? Call 'Grandma' and tell her that her beloved grandchild has been peeing in peoples' cars? I'm sure you'll think of something.