Thursday, January 10, 2008

A week of tests

Last week at my scheduled OB appointment the doctor told me that I was measuring two weeks bigger than I should have been. This was a first! Up until that point, my measurements matched my weeks exactly. He said that I should start coming in weekly. Usually, this starts around 36 weeks, and I was only 34 weeks. Brian and I left feeling like we had entered the final stretch!

Then this weekend I started feeling a lot of pressure low in my belly.

Monday, we finally got some results from a lab test we did on Otis in early December. He has a giardia infection and it is transferable to humans. My OB's office wanted to see me that day. The nurse practitioner tested me for, among other things, pre-term labor, but, thankfully, the results were negative.

I had to see my general doctor for the giardia test and haven't heard the results yet. But I'm not really having any symptoms, so it is unlikely that I contracted it.

Tuesday, I didn't feel well, and was exhausted after only two days back to work.

Wednesday, I had my weekly appointment. Dr. Mallory said that one of the tests given on Monday showed that I likely have kidney stones. He also measured me two weeks bigger again. So he suggested we do a "two for one" ultrasound to find out the size of the stones and the baby.

We were able to schedule an ultrasound for later that afternoon. It was so fun see our little girl again! She has grown so much! Her little lungs were practicing, her mouth was opening and closing, and no longer does she look like a little Skeletor!

The technician said that I have a lot of extra amniotic fluid, which gives her room to do the gymnastic moves I've been feeling. She also measured her size at 37 weeks, and estimated her weight to be 6 lb 11 oz--already! Most babies gain 0.5 lbs per week from this point on, so our girl is probably going to be a big one! Everyone assured me that though she is measuring further along, that doesn't mean that she will come early. So don't get your hopes up! We are trying not to; seeing her again made us want to hold her.
She's a girl for sure!
Oh, yeah, my kidney stones are really small. So hopefully, they won't cause too many problems.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I am so glad you all are doing ok! and what a precious little lady! I can't wait to meet her! So hopefully she is early... cus if she gains a half pound every week... she is going to be big! Yikes! :)

i love you all!


Jodi said...

Whoa, sonograms look a lot different in the final weeks. Well I'm excited for you guys and hope your last few weeks aren't too uncomfortable. My doctor predicted that Jack was going to be between 7.5 and 8 pounds. He was 10. Not to scare you, of course.

Josh D. said...

We can't wait!

Wahoo! Baby-girl-Rush! we have a boy you're going to want to meet :)

Oh and bring on those kidney stones too!

eeeh. . sorry.