Thursday, January 17, 2008

When it rains, it pours...and I just wish it would snow

In this time of last minute preparations for baby, before Brian goes back to school we were hoping to get a lot done. Unfortunately, two weeks ago Brian came down with a really bad cold of some sort...fever, congestion, cough, running nose, low energy, etc.

Wednesday, Otis was cleared of his giardia. But we noticed that he had little white bumps on his lips. The vet said it is canine papiloma virus, which is not transferrable to humans, but contagious for dogs. The healing time is 6-8 weeks. So just when we were going to have him in doggie daycare every day while we got used to having a newborn at home, he is banned. Instead we will have an overactive puppy from being cooped up.

Yesterday, I was marvelling at how well I had been able to fend off this infirmity, and was considering blogging about how the girls in the house are so much healthier than the boys. (Trudy is still able to go to doggie daycare and little Qwanesha continues to get the thumbs up from our doctor.)

Then in the middle of the night, on one of my many bathroom trips, I noticed that my throat was sore -- the first sign of Brian's sickness. So I called in a substitute for my morning classes and slept in. I am trying to will this sickness to not take root. Anyone have any crazy home remedies that do not involve medication?


erinn::haley said...

zinc, vit c. air borne if you catch it early enough.

did you get a new pet? qwanesha?

Brian said...

ha! I guess you could call a fetus a pet...? Little sea monkey in an opaque, fleshy bowl? :)

erinn::haley said...

haha. i got it now

Anonymous said... tea with lots of lemon juice and honey helps with my sore throats...but i don't know that it's a cure. :) Nat

Heidi said...

Boil some water, and put a towel over your head and breathe in the steam (don't burn yourself with the steam)...first off, it feels great on your skin, it's great for your face, and secondly it breaks down any congestion that may be forming. I do this a LOT because I get sinus infections, and this has really helped losen everything up in there. You can put some vix in the pot too if you want a little menthaltum!

Dena said...

I know this post was a week ago, but I finally found my book called "Healing with Herbs and Home Remedies A-Z" and under 'sinus' is says:

*eat a teaspoon of horseradish-everyday
*black pepper: take one teaspoon of honey, grind black pepper over it. and take as needed.
*Add one tablespoon of marjoram to one tablespoon of butter. boil for five minutes and strain trough cloth. Rub forehead, nose, cheeks, and nostrils with it.
*sip twelve oz. grape juice twice daily for six weeks.
*or eat garlic.(natures antibiotic)

maybe you're already better, so save this info for next time. :)

baby is getting close to arrival, right???

Jodi said...

Shannon, I hope you're feeling better. I've been thinking of you and hope your last few weeks are enjoyable and relaxing in spite of being sick and Brian being gone...oh, and being nine months pregnant. :) I'm certainly looking forward to visiting Rushcapades one of these days and seeing an announcement!