Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Starfish Girl?

What could her superpowers be???


Brian said...

I think it's obvious: the ability to grow back appendages. You might think that's not a very good super power, but just imagine, you could cut off an arm and use it as a club and then when your sword-fighting opponent cuts off your new arm you can pick it up and have two clubs! The Crusaders in Monty Python's Holy Grail would never have been able to get past the dark knight in the woods had he had this super power.

Jodi said...

Well. Did you know that starfish have two stomachs? One of their stomachs is used for digestion. The other is found on their underbelly and they can actually extend their stomachs outward, engulf their prey, digest it, and then pull their stomachs back in.

So yeah. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Her super power is that she is able to become cuter every day. I know I've seen her so it over and over again.

She's my angel!
Love to all,

stace said...

I am pretty sure she would be able to memorize you with her big gorgeous eyes. Oh wait, she can already do that without the cape.

Shannon Rush said...

These are good super powers! My first thought was something along the lines of an amazing grip. :) Her little hands are so fast and seem to grab everything, and when she clutches onto you it is almost healing.