Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy 7 Month Birthiversary!

Things we don't want to forget about this stage:

+ The way she cackles, especially when you do it back to her

+ How she gets really mellow and leans into it when you put your finger in her ear, kind of like when you scratch Trudy's ear

+ How she will try to stand using just about anything, including Otis, and often lets go, like in the picture

+ The way she will hold her mouth open wide, feet kicking waiting for the next bite, then rest her head on her shoulder while she is swallowing

+ Her crawling to and then snuggling with Otis

+ When I take her out of the bath and shake her off, singing "Shake your booty," and she laughs

+ How you can feel her heartbeat in her fontanel

+ Times when she gives you real hugs, her little hands squeezing you closer

+ The way she crawls toward you, laughing, when you get down on all fours

+ Knowing that she is standing in her crib just by listening to her panting through the monitor

+ The way she covers her eyes with the back of her hand while nursing

If we forgot anything we will add it here. Check out more cute pictures on flickr.


Anonymous said...

Oh, i don't wanna miss out... i think auntie and her taylor need to come visit!!


emily said...

cute pics on flickr...but i'm still waiting for swimming pics!! is it really awkward to carry her forward in the ergo?

Anonymous said...

She is such an angel! I love all the same things that you posted about her at this age...especially the hugs!