Sunday, June 29, 2008

Goodbye Grandpa Robbins

Yesterday we attended my Grandpa Robbin's funeral in Ellensburg. It was a full military funeral with flag presentation, gun salute, and taps. Grandpa's air force buddies also led everyone in a nickel ceremony ("Throw a nickel in the grass, save a fighter pilot's ass." I'm not exactly sure of the significance of it). The service was well attended, with friend and family coming from as far away as South Carolina (leaving her family vacation). For me, it was bitter-sweet reconnecting and introducing Magnolia to friends and family but also saying goodbye to my grandpa.

Magnolia was a celebrity and definitely brought some happiness to many grieving people. Her snuggles were rejuvenating for my mom. She also was a real trooper, enduring the sun, heat, and many new faces with a minimal nap.
Following the funeral we had a celebration of Gary's life at Whistlin' Jack's restaurant on White Pass near his old cabin. My dad put together a 20 minute photo slide show as a tribute and several of his buddies shared touching and funny stories from his life.


Anonymous said...

I love my angel baby and her snuggles are pure heaven...the very best therapy in the world! Grandpa said she was beautiful, if only he could have experienced the joy of knowing her.

Love and Kisses from Nana!

Anonymous said...

It was a very wonderful service and MaggieDoodle was perfect all day know matter how many of us stuck our ugly mugs in her face and snuggled and kissed her! She is beautiful just like her Mommy and her Great Grandpa would have been proud and honored of the ceremony and his family. Maggie might miss out on knowing his "scratch, tickle, rubs" but we will help her "know" him with our memories and stories and we can pass on his love to her as well. I loved my Daddy and I will love sharing my memories with my MaggieDoodle.
XOXO from (great) Aunt Becky!!