Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Congratulations Little Sis!

Almost 22 years ago, my little sister Alli came along. I was 7 1/2 and yes, I did have a mullet. We shared a room most of our growing up years. Lots of my things were broken by Alli's curious little hands. I was often frustrated by my constant shadow. This was the first day of school. If you look closely you can see that Alli's eyes are red from crying. She wanted to go to school too.
It was hard on Alli when I went to college. She came to visit often, staying overnight in my dormroom, dreaming of her college experience.
Despite our a few early frustrations and our nearly 8 year age difference, Alli has become one of my closest friends. Almost 6 years ago she was my maid-of-honor.
Eventually when it was her turn to go to college. She deliberated long over where to go -- she didn't want to just go to Seattle Pacific University because that is where I went. In the end, that is where she decided fit her best. (This picture is one of my favorites of the two of us. It was taken at her highschool graduation four years ago.)
This weekend she graduated again. This time with a BA in Visual Communication! Congratulations Little Sis!
Eight years later and the other sister is wearing the gown. And by the way, her boyfriend, Taylor, who she met during her freshman orientation, also graduated. Congratulations Taylor!


Aimee said...

Alli will feel so honored by this post. Loved it. Thanks for taking us through the years as you Gracy girls grew up. Sorry if i spelled your maiden name incorrectly. Gorgeous wedding picture- I was working at camp that summer and couldn't make the trip north. I never got yo see you as a bride...you looked beautiful...and still do of course! :)

The Hornes'es said...

Shannon - you and your sister have such beautiful eyes!!!
Brian - thanks for the blog comment - yes, we'd love to have your dog wisdom - and 3 DOGS??? I know about two them, who's is the 3rd??
Let's hang out soon - we live close - we're flexible and can come meet you guys at your place, y'know since you have a baby and all! :-)

Anonymous said...

My girls are beautiful! I am blessed by the love that you have for one another!