Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Art Show and Auction

Every year, Catlin Gabel has an auction fundraiser. Each class creates an art project to contribute as an auction item. There is a corresponding art show in one of our galleries to display the pieces to be auctioned along with other art created this year. 

Click to see more about Magnolia and Kaleia's pieces

Each student in Magnolia's class created four wood blocks representing a piece of their identity. Then some of the blocks from each student were selected for the class collage.

Magnolia with her four blocks: a self-portrait, a turtle, a "bunch of colors," and the crucifixion scene. The picture of the crucifixion was not selected for the class project. While I am a little disappointed it was left out, I'm glad to have it at home.

Kaleia's class did a giant felting project led by her good friend Clementine's mom. I didn't get a great picture of the finished project before it was sold, but here is one of Kaleia working on her square. 

Kaleia's class visited their work in the gallery. You can kind of see the finished project. Kaleia's square is in the middle-right.  (Part of one of the wood block pieces Maggie's class made is on the left edge of the picture.)

Kaleia had two other pieces in the Beginning School Art Show. Her famous heart "skateboard" is on loan from my collection. It was a gift to me to help me move heavy things, like take dinner to the table.  

 Kaleia also had a painting in the show. Can you guess which one is hers?

 Perhaps a close up will help...

The strawberry is the home for fairies. The queen is at the top with the "regular" fairies below. Of course. In case you are wondering, the big black shape in the upper left corner is a bad guy that wants to swoop down and eat the fairies, but he thinks the strawberry is poisonous. 

**Disclaimer: Most the pictures were taken by other parents or teachers and shared out with the class.

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Teresa Gracey said...

I'm always impressed with the art pieces that are produced by Catlin students. Beautiful work girls! As usual, I love your creativity.