Monday, April 13, 2015

7 Weeks to 7 Years

I open up my toasty warm down, knee-length, winter jacket and draw my shivering eldest daughter inside. We are standing outside our church as part of our midnight Pascha (Easter) service.

As I do, Pascha 2008 comes flooding back, when my just-over-7-week old Magnolia slept, tucked inside my coat, while I sang the resurrection liturgy. Now, inside my coat again, my just-over-7-year old is awake and joining me in song.

The years have passed so quickly.

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Teresa Gracey said...

Such precious memories! I'm glad that you are cherishing them in the moments, as they happen! I have my own of you but they are not captured on film as you have done, only hidden in my own heart.
I love you Shannie,