Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day in Beijing and Children Paradise

For Mother's Day, we had two wonderful meals out, brunch and dinner. Both happened to be at Element Fresh, though at different branches. After some refreshing afternoon naps, we headed to Si De Park for some "quiet" and "nature." Overall it was a great day. Below are some of my highlights.

"Why a lady fall down?!" - Kaleia (2)
"Whoa!" - Kaleia (2) and Magnolia (4)
While the "Sand Pond," "Naughty Castle" and "Shaking Machine" sounded fun, we opted for the "Children Paradise."
Children Paradise.
Children Paradise.
Don't think about split pants.
"Angle the Duckling" has seen better days.
Amazingly, a middle-aged man played "Happy Halloween" for the better part of half an hour. 
"Okay, we need another attraction, let's put some carts on a circular track, arm them with guns. Then put targets on the rocks and some dinosaurs and alligators."
"Why not add some babies? Creepy naked babies."

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theRachel said...

WOW...I love your photo captions. They always make me laugh out loud. I'm thinking the lady fell down b/c of her very high cork wedges!