Monday, May 28, 2012

The Bicycle Whisperer

In October, we got Magnolia and Kaleia bicycles. We no longer had a super steep driveway and were surrounded by a flat courtyard. Perfect! 

Not so much. 

We tried everything with Kaleia. We rotated her feet for her, we showed her with our feet or her sister's, we let her sit there and try. In the end, we always ended up stooped over uncomfortably pushing her while her sister raced ahead.

Eventually, we made excuses to avoid bike rides to save our poor backs. But with the weather turning warm and kids on bicycles everywhere, the excuses got harder to make and our guilty consciences grew more and more troubled.  Our one consolation was that with our time in Beijing growing shorter, Kaleia's white wheels retained their resale value.  Can I get a Kelly Blue Book on a 2011 toddler Giant with pleather seat and plastic wicker basket?

On the playground one afternoon, a mom explained how she had the same problem with her son. Then one day he went out with their ayi (Chinese nanny), and came home an accomplished bike rider. The same thing happened to us this week. 

Chinese Nannies = bicycle whisperers. Thank you, Xia Ayi! We are now enjoying pleasant evening bike rides around the courtyard. 

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Nice job bike riders :)
You'll fit right in, in portland.

Love auntie alli