Thursday, May 10, 2012

Aquatic Ecstasy, Medical Emergencies, and Unusual Affections. At the Mall.

The evening was pleasantly warm and frozen yogurt was calling our names, so we set out for a family walk to nearby Solana mall. The girls were ECSTATIC about the choreographed fountain shows set to classical music. Who needs Disneyland?

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Stopping in to the H&M, Magnolia wasn't very interested in their spring/summer line-up, since she and baby seemed to be going into cardiac arrest every few minutes.

Kaleia, meanwhile, made lots of new "friends" and demanded to give each of them one of her award-winning snuggles.  


theRachel said...

Ha ha...I think from the title of this post I was expecting a lengthy post wherein someone receive a cast, or at least stitches. This made me giggle instead - probably for the best!

Anonymous said...

Kaleia Shalom is living up to her name; HOPE, PEACE, HAPPINESS,LOVE AND JOY! She is such a lovey bug!!

Glad to see that Dr. Magnolia is still practicing medicine. :-)

Beautiful and fun post, good job Shannon!

Love, Mom