Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Word of the Week: Coccyx

Coccyx (noun):
1) a small triangular bone forming the lower extremity of the spinal column in humans, consisting of four ankylosed rudimentary vertebrae

2) a pair of thin, tapered sticks, often of wood or ivory, held in one hand between the thumb and fingers and chiefly used in China, Japan and other Asian countries for lifting food into the mouth

Our "coccyx" skills are improving.
Kaleia using "Coccyx" week 1 in Beijing
Kaleia using "coccyx" week 6 in Beijing
 Magnolia, at week 6, will eat only with "coccyx." 

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Anonymous said...

So cute! Chopstick is as difficult to say as they are to use but these two seem to be doing just fine.