Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maggie Cam: Haircut

Chinese barber poles have checkers not spirals, and they're everywhere! 
Brian suggested he might commit to another Beardification Process, if he didn't get a haircut soon.
So we made it a priority. 

Kaleia reading style magazines.

Self Portrait

Close Up

This photo is mine.  Maggie didn't capture the end result. Not bad for under $5 and not knowing the language, don't you think? Maybe sometime he'll try the old men under the bridge that give haircuts for free.


Anonymous said...

Once again I am blown away with the great pictures our little artist takes. She is a wonder! I love the self portrait. I think I would like to frame some of her art work! That would be a great Christmas present.

Good looking haircut Brian but stay away from the men under the bridge. Nothing is ever really free.

Love to all,

theRachel said...

Looking good! I think you should definitely get an under the bridge haircut, just to say you did that.