Sunday, September 11, 2011

Maggie Cam: Lama Temple

On an unusually fussy day for Magnolia, while we were attending to the labyrinthine bureaucracy that is expat life in China, a new colleague offered her digital camera to Magnolia to amuse her. Maggie loved it almost as much as we did. The strategy has continued to be a valuable parenting tool. An unexpected bonus is the unique perspective her shots give on our adventure. Sure, there are many out of focus but in the midst of the dozens of shots of her legs, there are some real gems. So it is with great pleasure that we announce our newest regular feature: Maggie Cam.

Our first edition is our trip to the Lama Temple


Anonymous said...

WOW! How awesome. There are some really cool compositions in the bunch. Artist Maggie??!!
Thanks for sharing!
-Auntie Alli

Anonymous said...

Love love love this!! What a fantastic idea. Maggie is quite the photographer. I look forward to seeing more.

:) Natalie

Anonymous said...

love that little, blond, curly head! kaleia is such a beautiful baby!

Anonymous said...

Oh My! I had no idea that there were more pictures. Magnolia, you have taken some wonderful photographs. I LOVE them all, they are amazing! You must keep taking pictures. You have a gift for seeing beautiful things through the camera lense just like Auntie Alli. Thank you for sharing them with us.