Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This fall, Brian and I decided to start pursuing moving to an international school next year. So completing an online class, researching schools, updating our CVs, creating a web page, writing cover letters, and filling out applications on top of Brian finishing his last year of grad school and the normal things that go with parenting toddlers and working (Are we crazy?!) made it necessary to take a short hiatus from the less urgent, but enjoyable task of keeping Rushcapades up-to-date. Well, the load has eased some so we are going to do a catch up post for those of you that follow the happenings of our family through our blog. Then hopefully, we'll be more or less back to programming as usual.

Kaleia moved to a "Big Girl" car seat. She loves looking out the window, often shouting "bird!", to which Magnolia will passionately object if the said bird is not visible.

We celebrated Thanksgiving and Grandpapa Gracey's birthday with some good food and time to Kinect, Xbox style.

We had our first (and second) snow of the winter, that was supposed to the winter of record-breaking snow levels. So far it has mostly just been day after day of rain. I still have a little hope left.

Magnolia and I ran the Jingle Bell Run together. She actually did run 1 block of the race and earned a jingle bell bracelet from a passing runner that thought she was doing such a great job.  

We went to a tree farm to get our tree where they have some animals set up with a Nativity scene. Magnolia and Zebra really liked petting the goat.

Debeardification #2 happened (click here if you want to see #1). This time, Brian went from the most hair I've ever seen him with to the least. This is the end result. We'll post more pictures when we get them.

We celebrated Christmas with the Gracey Family and

with the Rush Family.

And we rang in the new year with some good friends and the best game of Telepictionary I've every been apart of.

Lately, things have been good, full and often frantic, but much to be thankful for.

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