Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy 11 Month Birthiversary!

This month's theme is Babies. No, it is not a secret message to let you know we are having another one. Rather it is symbolic of the end of our baby stage, this being our last birthiversary post--maybe ever... at least for awhile. While we will all benefit from having fewer cupcakes around each month, I will miss my monthly creativity challenge.

Kaleia is less and less like a baby everyday. And this month she discovered caring for babies herself. While her technique still needs improvement, her passion for the small stuffed look-a-like makes up for it.

Baby sightings bring out the biggest squeals, but overall little miss Leia makes a lot of noise anyways. Her goos and gaas, babababs, and other fun noises are all still pretty random but we think in addition to her "Ssss" for kiss, she is using "Mama" appropriately, often in a demanding tone upon waking in the morning. Being the oldest, Magnolia may teach Kaleia a thing or two as they grow up, but Kaleia is the one who has taught Magnolia how to yell. They often get into vocal exchanges for fun, ratcheting their voices higher and higher, copying each other's nonsensical sounds.

Besides her vocal expression, she is also very expressive with her face. The picture at the bottom was a classic face this month.

She also has started expressing herself through signs. Just the basics: milk, eat, more, and all done. Eat is the most used, with Kaleia often enthusiastically repeating the motion of hand to mouth as she is eating.

Her eating has improved, which in turn has meant that our string bean has started to gain some weight again. As an added benefit she has also started sleeping through the night.

As Kaleia sheds her babyness and her personality emerges, we see that Gremlin (or Gremmi-bear) was a fitting nickname for more than just the noises she makes. Kaleia is a cute little mischief maker. Happily, she looks at you, giggles, and drops food over the side of the high chair. After being told no touch to the dog water, she smiles and instead of touching the water, she overturns the dish. While we still have a pretty sweet girl on our hands, we think she is going to be a bit more of a parenting challenge than our compliant Magnolia.

Happy 11 Month Birthiversary Gremmi-Bear!

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Anonymous said...

Oh! What a big girl!! Happy 11 Month Birthiversary in deed!! :)

Love Auntie Alli