Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ssss Sssss!

“Ssss Sssss”
That’s the new noise Kaleia added to her already expansive repertoire of sounds, when I woke her up the other day. At least I thought it was just a noise.

I pick up our little hisser and she plants a wet one right on my kisser. Kaleia-initiated kisses are getting a little more common but they are still a pretty rare gift.

“Thank you for the kiss, Kaleia!”

“Ssss!” She says it again and then, immediately after, very purposefully leans in for another slack-mouthed slobber deposit. “Ssss, ssss!”

I think Kaleia’s first official word is “(ki)ss”!


Anonymous said...

So precious!! --Natalie

Anonymous said...

I LOVE big open-mouthed baby kisses!!! They're the best! Enjoy the special treat!