Sunday, April 18, 2010


Brian and Maggie (age 2) called me during my lunch break at work. He asked Magnolia if she wanted to say anything to me. She said yes.
B: What do you want to say?
M: Uh-huh
B: What do you want to say?
M: Yeeeaaaahhh.
B: Do you want to say hello? or hi? or Hola?
M: Ola!
B: Wanna say anything else?
M: Yeaaah....
B: (sighs with exasperation - microwave timer goes off in background) There's your timer! What does your timer mean?

M: Time up.
B: And what does it mean when time's up?
M: Yeaaah, time night-night...

We haven't hit the "why" phase yet, but we're starting to wonder if this "yeah" phase is worse.

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