Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gorillas in Our Midst

After being pummelled by hail, we find refuge in the warm and balmy Tropical Rain Forest house. Pausing before each glass enclosure, Magnolia scans the jungle before letting out a shriek of discovery in her exotic animal version of Where's Waldo.

Magnolia loved her first visit to the zoo.
Now that we are card carrying members of the Woodland Park Zoo (and others!) (Thanks Mum and Dad Rush!) we are free to take our time and enjoy the animals instead of feeling like we have to race around to see everything to get our money's worth.

This time we choose to visit the gorillas because the timing of our visit coincided with a special gorilla talk.

We were hoping that would mean the gorillas would be more active and they certainly didn't disappoint. I'll let Magnolia tell you all about it...

Afterward, we headed to the indoor Zoomazium, a Zoo themed learning and play area. Magnolia and a newfound friend pretended to hatch out of a giant egg.

Maggie definitely didn't want to leave but Brian and I try to follow the maxim we learned at summer camp: "Quit while it's still fun."

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! I'm smiling from ear to ear... "not too much" ... is it really possible for your babies to be any cuter?

I miss you.

Auntie Alli