Monday, March 1, 2010

Maggie-Speak Vocabulary Quiz

After being gone for a month Brian is getting a crash course in Maggie-Speak. More and more of Magnolia's "baby" words are being replaced by the "real" words.

So we thought we'd do a little quiz before they're all gone. Below are some of our favorite Maggie words spelled according to her pronunciation. Post your translation guesses in the comments. We'll post the answers in a few days.

1) beer
2) nah
3) noo-n00
4) go-go s(h)a-s(h)a
5) oh-lo0 choo-choo
6) chin-chin
7) c0-meh
8) pay weh-weh
9) hoohoo soup
10) ape-team

Hint: There are 3 edibles, 4 animals, 1 number, 2 articles of clothing, and 2 verb phrases. We realize that doesn't add up to 10. Some of them do double duty.


The Hansen Family said...

Okay, so this is what I got:
4)go potty
5)something about poo poo (?)
6)chimpanzee (?)
7)cold milk
8)play wii
9)hot soup or hot sauce
Stumped on 5 & 6, & perhaps have an unfair advantage, speaking fluent "two" myself, but disadvantage not actually hearing! :)

How'd I do?

The Hansen Family said...

No, wait, maybe #4 is "go outside"!!!

Margaret said...

And how do you pronounce zero?

theRachel said...

Ha, this is funny.

Hoo hoo soup was my favourite. Is that supposed to be Chicken Noodle?

Jen said...

I'm with the Hansens on: 1. bear

The rest are wild guesses:

4. go Otis
5. "All aboard!"
6. chicken
8. play in the water
9. noodle soup
10. 18

Shannon Rush said...

We tried to pick some hard ones and you guys had some good guesses! Thanks for participating! Here are the answers:
1) beer = berries
2) nah = jammies
3) noo-nOO = bunny
4) go-go s(h)a-s(h)a = go go soccer
5) oh-loO choo-choo = Otis and Trudy
6) chin chin = chicken
7) cO-meh = cold milk
8) pay weh weh = play letters
9) hoohoo soup = monkey suit
10) apeteam = 18

Anonymous said...

Now see I wouldn't say that she says Trudy that way, Tru Tru maybe, but that's just the way I hear it. Jammies was a stumper, I thought she says jammies pretty clearly. And yes, I should have known play letters, I can hear her saying it now in my head and that is the way she pronounces letters. Drats! Fun game. Maybe I'll post some for the two of you to figure out. I heard some cute ones the other day. :>)