Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finding the Equation of the Whine

"Brian, can you hear that sound?"

"Yeah, I can kind of hear something but I can't understand it."

"It's kind of hurting my ears."

"Me too. I wonder what it is."

Scampering up to me, "Maggie whining!"

"Oh, you were whining?! Mama and Papa can't understand whining."

"Maggie talking now."

"Oh, good! Mama and Papa can understand talking."

This strategy, which we took from the Love and Logic book we mentioned earlier, has started to work wonderfully with Maggie. I can't wait to try it with my whiny algebra students.


theRachel said...

Wow, I don't have kids, but if I ever find myself in that position of, you know, having kids, I'll be sure to pick up this book.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys would have figured out this strategy without the book but I'm glad you have it for encouragement. She's such a responsive and intelligent little girl. Nana's first little angel.

Love to all,
Mom G

Anonymous said...

Great strategy! I wonder if it works with college students too? :)

Though they don't necessarily whine as much as complain and ignore...but maybe there is a chance. :)

Love all of the recent posts!


josh durias said...

this is great!

we've got to try this one out.

Stephanie said...

Our new preschool teacher is a HUGE proponent and teacher of Love and Logic. And apparently, it does work with "nearly" college students! Don't tell Sarah that I have tried it with her!
Keep up the good work!