Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Year in Unpublished Pictures - 2009

Our new walker turned climber

This book was a favorite all year!

"I see a Grandpa looking at me!"

A "pasickie" being cozy

March Fell asleep just as Mama and Papa got the car packed to go out of town

Justin's birthday

Emily and Maggie entertaining themselves after church

Magnolia meets Burt Reynolds' ugly brother

This picture reminds us why I normally have facial hair

Junkyard Dog never won a WWF championship but Maggie's hoping for a comeback.

Where Brian gets sent when he's bad. (Actually, on a pregnant-Shannon-mandated mission to hunt and destroy all mouse turds)

Bed Blogging

Woof! Yap Yap! nnn nnn nnn! Ruff ruff, ruff ruff!

Julio looks at his cage then the bottle brand and knows the milk is not for him

Gracey Summer Slammer Slamdown

Two Sisters!

Of Aunties and Nieces

Magnolia cites exhibit B to corroborate her argument

As Mama headed back this month, there was little time for blogging.

Kaleia checking out Rana.

Surely the other team will be reluctant to shoot hard at a toddler and, we thought, if that doesn't get them, the freakish hands will

Sampling the produce at the farmers' market

Sampling the--zzzzz

Sharing Mona with Trudy

Ripping it up at the Greek Food Festival

Burning off some energy at Camp Firwood

Your HazMat suit is not complete without frog boots.

Magnolia answers Bozo's questions about Airedale Terriers


Getting to know her second cousin

Kaleia is about 3 months older than Titus!


The Jingle Bell Run/Walk with Santa, a Reindeer and Three Elves

Bonus Video: Post Race Celebration


Anonymous said...

WOW. How quickly time fly's! Love the now published "unpublished" pictures :)

-Auntie Alli

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