Saturday, January 2, 2010

Firsts on the First

New Year's Day Magnolia got to try out her new panties. (I'll spare future teenage Magnolia some potential embarrassment and not post any pictures.) It seemed like a good idea since we were going to be mostly at home for a few days. Before Christmas, Maggie did really well letting us know when she needed to go potty and the time seemed ripe. In the morning, and following each accident, when asked if she would like to wear panties or a diaper, she enthusiastically chose panties. Wearing panties? Exciting! Playing with new puzzles, books, and toys?  Exciting!  Stopping to go potty?  Devastating! So we've regressed and the panties are back in the drawer for awhile.

Kaleia had her first rice cereal. Ah, rice cereal. The would-be panacea for sleeping through the night. Not with our girl. She enjoyed eating: greedily taking in the new food, moving it around with her tongue, spitting it back out, reaching for more. But that night the monster in our baby's belly reared its ugly head. No sleep for the parents. A couple of days later, we tried again, just in case the first time, there may have been correlation but not causation. Same result. Waiting a few more days, we decided to switch to avocados -- maybe its the rice? An evening of near inconsolability but a decent night. Kaleia may have inherited the digestive problems of her mother's side.

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby (and parents). It seems that she has finally outgrown some of her digestive issues and now has a nice round tummy to prove her ability to consume ointmeal without any discomfort. :-)