Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Come on Maggie, do the Locomotion...

I lowered Magnolia's crib recently because she had started sitting up on her own. Just to be safe I decided to go two notches. I didn't lower it all the way since, I thought, surely it would be awhile before she would be standing.

That same night Brian went to put her back down during one of her nighttime wake ups and there she was standing in her crib--our mischievous little inmate!

Crawling came only a few days later! She is constantly crawling across the room, exploring her world or investigating something that has grabbed her attention. She is not content sitting for very long and tries to pull herself up to stand on almost everything.
Either she is a daredevil or just clueless about the painful side effects of gravity since she often tries to go hands-free! This girl is raring to walk and she's gonna burn through whatever milestones are in her way! Today she tried to summit her highchair and also managed to get on top of a cluster of small boxes of books.
New roles added to our parenting job description: Spotter, chaser, jungle gym and eagle eyes.


Jodi said...

Look at her hair!

She is OOC. (Cute, that is.)

emily said...

way to go mags! maybe keely will have a stunt junkie buddy yet...
when keely starting standing up in her crib, we took her bumpers out too (i guess they can use them to get more leverage/height to make the great escape? or so i read). now the mattress is so low i can hardly bend over to pick her up with the big prego belly in the way!

Carrie Y. said...

Shannon, it is just the beginning!