Thursday, September 11, 2008

6 Month Milestone 2: Flossing

Sorry for the delay in posting milestones. One, I am adjusting to being a working mom. Two, I kept having to edit this milestone due to new developments.

The last two months I have hypothesized that Magnolia was teething in my birthiversary posts and each time within days my suspisions were confirmed. Not anticipating any more teeth for awhile we attempted to snap a "tooth update" picture for this post. It felt like we were torturing our daughter.

During the days it took for me to accomplish the documentation in my few spare moments, two more top teeth arrived -- probably why she didn't want our fingers in her mouth for the picture. A few more days passed. Then this morning I finally had a moment to start writing this post but had to leave for work before completing it. When I got home from school Magnolia had broken through a third bottom tooth and is working on a fourth. I need to hurry up and post this before she gets any more teeth.

We added teeth brushing (when we remember) to her bedtime routine, but the flossing she started all on her own. Magnolia has this great purple blanked that our friend Natalie made. One day, while Maggie was playing on it, she looked up at me with a piece of yarn stuck around her bottom tooth and a proud grin. I wished I would have had a camera handy. Hopefully, her good dental habits will stick.


margaretsmusings said...

Um, that looks really painful. No wonder they scream so much when they're teething. I remember "teething" when one of my wisdom teeth was coming in when I was about 20. It was kind of weird but it didn't really hurt.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you love the blanket - I loved making it for Magnolia. I didn't realize that it would have such a unique dual purpose. ;)

Love to all of you.