Saturday, September 1, 2007

Where did August go???

This has been a whirlwind month! Sorry for our lack of updates. Now that school is starting, we should be back on a better routine. I will attach pictures soon, but for now here is how we rushed through August.

August 1 - 5th - Brian and I enjoyed being back together, getting "settled" at home, and in between working on a final paper Brian read Harry Potter 7 aloud.

August 6th - Brian was able to attend his first OB appointment with me. No ultrasound, but we did get to hear the baby's heart beat. Everything was looking good except the doctor wanted me to gain 5 pounds as soon as possible and see a thyroid specialist. Then Brian and I drove all day and into the night to Idaho.

August 7th - 9th - We spent a couple of days with my extended family for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration. My brother and his girlfriend were able to come from Hawaii. It was great to see them and celebrate Jeremy's birthday in person. My dad made some amazing food and I was able to play sous chef. Brian played golf for the first time since he was a kid. Lots of fun family memories.

August 10th - We drove back on the 9th, which was our 5th anniversary, but decided to celebrate on the 10th. We celebrate using the traditional gifts for anniversary and this year's theme was wood. Brian gave me a frame with our wedding picture in it so we could have one up before the baby is born. I gave him some money for some wood for the art storage he has been wanting to build. Then we camped with our dogs at South Cove at Camp Firwood, the summer camp where we met.

August 11th - Brian had his 10-year CIT reunion at Camp Firwood. It was fun to meet people I have only heard about and for them to catch up. Some had not been back to Firwood since they were CITs.

August 10th - 14th - These days were filled with appointments, unpacking, laundry, the Lynden Fair, soccer, job applications and repacking.

August 15th - 18th - We headed to Lake Osoyoos with our good friends Eric and Emily (and of course Keely) Frazier and Mike Couto. Eric borrowed his mom's RV so we could all ride together. We had great weather and lots of fun! One last hurrah! On our way out of town, Brian turned in his application, had a phone interview and was offered the job as Bellingham High's JV Volleyball coach.

August 19th - 24th - Brian and I spent long days at BHS; he was in volleyball tryouts and I leading math curriculum training and getting ready for the school year.

August 25th - 26th - At my family's request, we headed to Seattle to start our baby registry. We spent 4 hours as Babies R Us trying to figure out what half of the stuff was and what we might need for our little one. Then, exhausted, we headed to my sister, Allison's house near SPU for the night. The next day, Brian and I fit in a visit to the Henry Art Gallery before heading to Everett for a quick visit with my parents. My mom took me to a spa for a massage for my birthday present. It was such perfect timing after a long month and before the start of school.

August 27th - 31st - More long days at BHS for both of us. Brian is now building his team, getting ready for a jamboree on Wednesday. I spent my time in meetings and organizing my classroom. We had another doctor's appointment this week. The heart beat is still good and my weight is where it should be. I am slowly starting to show, which is exciting, and my energy level is up. Just in time for school!

If you are still reading, you are dedicated! Thanks for making it through the story of our month. Thanks for those of you that bugged me for an update. Keeping up this blog is refreshing for me, like journaling. But it is great to hear from any of you. So if you haven't updated us for awhile, it's your turn!

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James Moes said...

Thanks for the update. I would love to stop by and see you in Bellingham sometime soon.