Saturday, September 8, 2007

Foster dog...almost

We got a call, recently, asking if we would be willing to foster Otis's biological sister, Annie. When his litter was found she had been hit by a car and has been spending the last few months recovering. Her jaw was broken and her skull cracked. She is on the mend, but missed out on important socialization with other dogs. The Alternative Humane Society wanted to place her in a home with another puppy her age and an older dog that could help her socialize before she was adopted. They called us first because they know we take good care of our dogs and we had her brother. We agreed, but the family that was adopting her didn't want to wait and promised to socialize her. Brian and I were disappointed. We thought it would be fun to have Annie for a little while and see how she and Otis interacted. I know, three dogs...but Brian actually wanted us to have three dogs permanently when we adopted Otis. We were really glad to learn that Annie was not the one we passed on and that she didn't get hit by a car when she could have been living with us. Otis was a little bummed too, but he and Annie do still get to play together at doggie daycare on Fridays. The staff swears they remember each other.

Don't they look similar? Otis is just about 10 pounds heavier and his ears don't stay up any more. Trudy likes her brother now (though she doesn't like to admit it), but she was not looking forward to having another puppy to terrorize her.