Friday, September 28, 2007

Gender Release Party

I think we've contacted everyone we know in Bellingham. But in case someone will be in Bellingham tonight that we are not aware of or in case anyone feels like making a trip to Bellingham this weekend or for all of you that like a good laugh on a Friday, the following is our invitation for the Sex Party we are throwing tonight.

P.S. If you have any funny stories related to this invitation, please post them under comments. We will be adding ours soon.

P.P.S. The creativity in the invitation is all Brian's! But we need to credit my sister Allison for the original idea.

P.P.P.S. For those of you that will not be about to make the party, I will be posting pictures from our ultrasound and the offical blog announcement tomorrow.


Josh D. said...

Sitting in Trinity Western University's computer lab during my Comm 230 class, I decided to check my mail. God forbid, I actually pay attention to my prof.

I sorted through my four new gmail messages. One from school (boring), a couple from facebook (stop poking and super poking me) and one from Brian Rush--a trusted friend. I thought to myself, surely Brian wouldn't send me anything I'd be ashamed to open in class knowing the stundent behind me was computer-eavesdropping on me from behind.

As I clicked on the link reading, "An invitation" in the subject line, I became excited to see what I was being invited too.

A SEX PARTY?! And a pair of tighty-whities with a question mark on the crotch?!

This CAN'T be happening. I closed out the program and turned off my screen. I took a sneaky glance behind me (the ones that you kinda yawn and then slowly take a look at the clock and right before you turn around, you sneak a peek at the person behind you.) and, PHEW, they too were checking their mail.

Maybe they were invited to this SEX PARTY, too.

Heh... anywho. I checked my mail again in the confines of me own home and to my relief, it was a Gender Release Party--of course!

I should also add that nearly 35 minutes later I heard Bekah abashedly blurt out, "SEX PARTY?"

Ilse said...

I love it - sad I wasn't in bellingham for the weekend, because i would have definitely come :)

Brian said...

Josh, thanks for you story! We've had so many funny incidents. Like Emily telling Eric, while he was in the somewhat busy lunch room at work, via cell phone, that we were having a sex party. Eric replied loudly: "I LOVE SEX PARTIES!" And got some funny looks.

Or: One of my volleyball players was asking one of the other coaches if she knew if Shannon and I were having a boy or a girl. Coach Pohlman replied that they couldn't find out until we announced it at our sex party on Friday night. The player understood what she meant but, with a smile on her face, promptly ran across the gym and yelled, "Hey Courtney! Coach Rush is having a sex party! And Coach Pohlman's invited!"

Anyone else have any other funny stories?

Josh D. said...

Hah! Good stuff.

Jodi said...

Yay! A girl! Congrats on the new daughter, Rush's!

A sex party. Pure genius. Your child is going to have one frightening baby book.