Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Your Grandma finished 5th!

Today ended our spring outdoor soccer season. Our team, your grandma, ended the season with 5 wins, 3 losses and a tie. Our friend, Ryan kept stats for the season:
  • Mike Couto: 6
  • Eric Frazier: 6
  • Eric Meyer: 5
  • Brian Rush: 4
  • Jocelyn Meyer: 4
  • Jeff Haley: 2
  • Christy Wilson: 1
  • Chris Eltrich: 1
  • Ryan Kennedy: 1
As you can see, no goals for me. I am absolutely useless as forward. But I make a pretty mean wall on defense.
In case you don't know the story behind our name, Brian, as team manager came up with it. He said this way if we win we can say "Your grandma beat you!" and if we lose it takes away some of the bragging rights for the other team to have to say "We beat your grandma."


Joshua Durias said...

Good game. . . good game. :)

I'm glad you all have a blog. I'll be checkin in often when I'm not at your house playing poker tuesday nights.

Wahoo, Bellingham!!!

erinn::haley said...

fun blog!
so excited to hear your news guys. that's awesome!!

James said...

Your Grandma's got game.