Friday, June 15, 2007

BHS Class of '07

Today, the class of 2007 graduated from Bellingham High. At the beginning of the ceremony, the teachers create a tunnel down the hall leading to the gym (where graduation takes place) and cheering, high-fiving, handshaking and hugging students as they enter. I think it is one of our coolest graduation traditions. This class was really special to me. As many know I did not enjoy teaching my first few years. The turn around happened when the class of '07 were freshman and I was teaching 5 periods of Algebra 1. The next year I taught a couple of sections of Geometry during their sophomore year and Algebra 2 their junior year. For a handful of students I was their math teacher for three years. All four years I served this class as their advisor for ASB activities, including fundraising, decorating for homecoming, and planning and chaperoning Junior and Senior proms. As the students walked by me, I was amazed by how many I knew and how grown up they looked. I think they will always have a special place in my memory. Congratulations Class of 2007!

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Anonymous said...

Shan, thats so special! I'm glad you are enjoying teaching now (i know you have for a while now) but i'm glad some students stepped up and helped you feel like the amazing teacher you are. those kids were lucky to have you... and they look so grown up now partly from your teaching, your encourageing and your leadership over the past four years! You are a wonder... and i'm happy to say i learned (and will learn) from you the longest.