Monday, June 4, 2007

Catherine May Robbins

Today would have been my great-grandma, Catherine May Robbins' 94th birthday. I took the day off of school and drove to Ellensburg to attend her memorial service. It was a time of mixed emotions; there was happiness at seeing extended family, sadness as the realization I would not see grandma again sunk in, and bittersweet moments reminiscing various memories. She was a woman who loved her family, served her community, and overcame great obstacles. I remember visiting as a kid and her not wanting me to call my parents because of the long-distance costs. The grown-ups told me it was because she grew up in something called the great depression. Every birthday and Christmas for the last few years I have fondly opened and treasured away a card from grandma. Even after her stroke and relearning how to write with her left hand, she painstakingly wrote her own name. The memorial service and birthday party were a great tribute to a great lady. Grandma, you will be missed!

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