Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kaleia Turns 2!**

***Disclaimer: This post was written over a year. As with Magnolia, I started writing it just before her 2nd birthday. Life was SUPER crazy when Kaleia turned 2. I jotted down notes and have been working on it intermittently. As usual, it is long. Mostly, it is for Kaleia, but I hope you enjoy learning more about my daughter through my eyes.***

A letter to my Kaleia Shalom:

"Uh-huh, nope." This is one of your favorite phrases. Smiling, you are initially agreeable. Then as the reality of the question quickly sets in, you express your real answer. You are sugar and spice. Though you adore your sister, you are unlike her in so many ways. You resist being "quizzed" by naming things we point to. You don't practice words and look to us for reassurance.  You wait quietly, then confidently use your new words, surprising us left and right with your rapidly increasing vocabulary.
"Funny!" You shout whenever you think you are funny, which is quite often. Your sparkle continues to shine but now there is a little mischievousness in that smile. Your laugh comes easily and is infectuous. 

You still have to groove to any beat you hear, dropping whatever you are doing to move to the music. I had to restrain you from rushing the stage during your sister's dance recital. You alternated from dancing at the back of the Mt. Baker Theatre, to watching enthralled at your seat. You don't like to sit still and are often trying to climb things. Your crib bars won't hold you back much longer. It is a rare occasion that you will sit still for a book, unless it is short and familiar. It helps if it has a rhythm. 

"Feegles fum." Like everything in life, you enter eating with gusto. You often end up with food everywhere. We usually give up and go straight to a bath after dinner. We've tried hats to keep you from running your fingers through your hair. Sometime it works. You have started to notice your hands getting "doogie" (dirty) and are more cooperative with washing your "feegles fum" (fingers and thumb).

You are still tall and tiny for your age, but your growth is staying on track so we're not worried any more. You especially love "Hoggogs" (hotdogs), Chaw Bee (strawberries), and Noolies (Noodles).  You often ask for "Mores" so I wouldn't be surprised if you have a growth spurt in the near future.

You started going to daycare this spring. Most of the time, you handled it well. If you could find a baby or your favorite caregiver. Your teachers told me that you were very loving to other students, always coming over to show concern if another child was crying. This must come from all the care you give your baby.

You are a Mama's girl. I love your snuggles as I get you ready for bed. I will miss those when you get too big for me. The ABCs and Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star are one song in your mind from our bedtime song routine. I am also singing O Come, O Come Emmanuel to you by your request every night even though it is July. 

You are really interested in potty training, and are probably ready to give up your shoosh. But unfortunately, life is crazy right now with Papa finishing grad school and all of us about to move to China! So we're going to hang on a bit longer.

At 2, Kaleia, you are brave. You love the big girl slides and could swing all day. 

Kaleia, you are vibrant. Your independent spirit shows itself more and more, making Papa and I need to constantly rethink our parenting strategies as you push the boundaries with a smile. Keeping a straight face while disciplining you is not an easy task. 

Kaleia Shalom, you bring so much joy to our lives. May you continue to grow in beauty and bring peace and happiness to others. 

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully written! You named your darling daughter perfectly!

Hope, peace, happiness, love, joy ... they all mean Kaleia