Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Difference Between Our Daughters, or, The Hot Tub Gate

Magnolia creates a game in the hot tub pulling my arms up to meet Brian's, creating a gate. This gate requires a key, a "tend" key, that must be inserted into my mouth.

After several rounds, I decide to see what happens if I change the rules. No longer does the "gate" open when she inserts the "key." How does she respond?

Magnolia tries to insert it again and again. As her frustration begins to mount, her Papa suggests that the "gate" may need something different this time. Giggling, she inserts a second "key" into his mouth. Viola! The gate opens.

All the excitement draws Kaleia's attention. As Maggie explains how the game works, Kaleia cheerfully asks, "What key?" and shoves my arms down and climbs over.

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