Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Words of the Weeks: Whipsur, Rainbones, Two-ing

Maggie talks a lot. She gives a constant running commentary on what is happening and what is said. We often catch her practicing her pronunciation, but with all of the new vocabulary she is trying she is bound to make some mistakes. Many of them we don't want to forget, so I am starting a new blog feature: word of the week. In order to catch up on the words missed this last month I included several in this post. We may miss a week or two and eventually I am sure Kaleia will have a few of her own. There may even be a quiz or two for you to test your own translation skills. Hope you enjoy it!

Whipsur: (verb) to speak softly so as to not be overheard

Shhh! Keia is sleeping. We have to whipsur.

Rainbones: (noun) an arc that exhibits in concentric bands the colors of the spectrum

Mama! Look! The rainbones are beautiful!

Two-ing: (verb) the process of living out your third year of life

When I am all done two-ing, I will be three.


Sarah said...

Love it! I look forward to reading more about Maggie's, and eventually Kaleia's, words :)

Anonymous said...

HA! Two-ing is my favorate... what a great concept - I think she's on to something... Once I'm done 24ing.. I think I'll move on to 25. Ha.
Maybe she can help us figure out how we can stay the same age, for those years that we are not done yet - and wanna stop "age -- ing" :)

-Auntie Alli

Anonymous said...

Super cute. I love that you are sharing these. Writing down the things kids say and come up with is so great! :) Natalie