Monday, August 23, 2010

Fish for Penguins!

Yesterday, at the seafood counter, Magnolia told me, "They have fish for penguins!"

"Yes, Maggie, penguins eat fish. We're going to have some fish for dinner tonight too."

As we strolled a little farther along I was brought out of my deep thoughts about what to make for dinner by her exclamation, "They have more fish for penguins! One, two, three! Three fish for penguins!"

The penguins at the zoo eat whole, unfileted fish, so these must be for them.

"Mags, do you think penguins come to the store very often?"

With the utmost confidence: "Yeah."

So, next time you are in your local grocery, don't be alarmed when you see a penguin in the seafood aisle.


Anonymous said...

I love how convinced she is!! Very cute, Shannon!

Anonymous said...

I love how her little mind is always working, figuring things out and making sense of her world. She always makes her Nana smile!!