Monday, July 5, 2010

Quiz: Goomeez

One of our favorite Magnolia-isms right now is "goomeez." Can you guess what it means?

Hint 1: It is a sentence.

Hint 2: This interaction with Kaleia.


Post your guesses in the comments. Please refrain if you have received a translation in person.


Anonymous said...

Kaliea seems to be trying to follow her big sisters' directions but can't quite understand what she's talking about. I'm confused myself. What is she saying?


Sarah said...

I have no idea. The fact that it's a sentence is what is throwing me off. Hm.

Shannon Rush said...

Well, maybe you wouldn't think it was a sentence. It definitely is more than one word. :)

Anonymous said...

"Excuse me, Kaliea." (as in excuse me - your not making a good choice :) )

am I right?

Auntie Alli :)

Anonymous said...

So my first thought was, "Give it to me." But...I just re-watched the video and Maggie doesn't want the things that Kaleia hands her, so that must not be right...

I love seeing the sisters together...too cute! :) Natalie

Calia said...

Going to make a mess?
Whatever it is...I'm sure it's cute! You're girls are darling!

Shannon Rush said...

There used to be a comment by Alli, but I don't know where it went. Maybe you can see it. If you can, she was right! Goomeez is Maggie's way of saying "Excuse me." It is one of those mispronunctions that we don't really want to correct. :)

Anonymous said...


-Auntie Alli