Monday, May 3, 2010

*double sigh*


What is this relief I am feeling?

Looking around the room, I notice Kaleia playing contentedly, maneuvering herself around her toys and I hear Maggie happily reading a book to herself in the other room. Kaleia smiles up at me.

During my pregnancy I heard that while human gestation is officially 9 months, the human baby needs an additional 9 months out of the womb to reach the developmental point most mammals are at birth--infant fawns can run, for pete's sake!--and since you are still baby's sole source of nutrition, mobility, and comfort, it's almost like you're still pregnant for that additional 9 months. I call it post-partum pregnancy.

I just realized I've made it. Since Magnolia was conceived, until now, because Kaleia was conceived 7 months after her sister's birth, I've either been officially pregnant or post-partum pregnant for a LONG time. I know there will be new challenges as the girls get older but right now it feels like things are getting a lot easier.

The relief now is deeper and all the more sweet since I never felt it with Magnolia.

*Deep, Cleansing Sigh*

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Anonymous said...

This is a very sweet post honey. I'm happy for the contentment you are experiencing after so many months of being "pregant" with your precious girls.

You are still my precious girl and I will always love you very much!