Monday, April 27, 2009

Sleepytime Poo-Poos

I don't know if the sleepiness relaxes her sphincter or what, but for the last few weeks every nap, without fail, Mags fills her rags. And when Mags fills her rags Mr. Sandman decides not to visit.

So what have we tried?

1) Leave her in her room for the allotted nap time = missed nap.

2) Change her and try to put her back down. Most of the time we've missed the window of opportunity for a nap = missed nap.

3) Try to wait until the poop happens before putting her down. Again window of opportunity gone = missed nap.

It seems like no matter what we do she misses her nap. Crabby Maggie in the evening and awake Maggie at the poopcrack of dawn = sad, tired parents.

We don't think she is ready to potty train yet and cranky-pants apparently isn't ready to drop a nap.



The Hansens said...

Maybe try doing something that is physically strenuous with her for a while before you want her to go. Whenever we swim, or run in the yard a bunch, or if he goes up & down the stairs on his own, Ben always poops. The key with Ben at least is to also leave him alone for five minutes after the activity because he prefers to go in private. Another thought- try to get a little routine going for nap, like for bedtime. Maybe pooping can be a part of that routine... if she goes, maybe even a bath will help soothe & relax her... followed by warm milk. I use aromatherapy essential oils with Ben's bath for his breathing, but they're really relaxing; maybe that would help in her room for nap time... just thoughts. :)

Dena said...

Man. We deal with the same thing with Isaac. And I so wish I had a creative solution for you. There is nothing worse than a missed nap!! I would say stay consistant on the going BACK to bed after her poopy. She'll get used to that and eventually get that it doesn't matter what time she poops. Nap time is NAP TIME! GOOD LUCK!!

Anonymous said...

Only you guys would blog about "Sleepytime-Poo-Poos", love it!

emily said...

keely runs into this problem sometimes too, she won't go down and sure enough, she's pooped! we change her in the dark room, quiet (don't talk or interact with her) and then it's back to naptime. i agree, it's best to be consistent with that, even if she can't go back down, it's rest time. missed naps stink and it can be hard transitioning from two to one...