Saturday, April 11, 2009

28 Weeks

Well, there is good news, bad news and great news--for me, at least.

Good news, first? I managed to keep my weight stable this last month by walking more and watching more closely what I ate. Baby #2 is healthy and moving a lot.

Bad news? My glucose tolerance test came back borderline. That, coupled with the fact that Magnolia weighed over 9 lbs, means I have to be on a diabetic diet for the rest of my pregnancy. Yes, it could be worse. I could have had been on it all pregnancy or I could have had to do finger pricks and insulin. But I've been pretty whiny about not getting to eat whatever I want this week anyway.

My body feels like it has gotten huge this last month, even though I didn't put on any weight. Sleeping is much harder and my emotions decided to get on a roller coaster. I'm definitely in my 3rd trimester.

So, ready for the great news? We decided that Brian is going to take some time off from grad school. Why is this great news you ask and what does it have to do with pregnancy? Well, he was scheduled to leave for California for six weeks starting July 5th, and Baby #2 is due July 4th. He was such an amazing support for me both during labor and during the difficult post-partum weeks that followed my first delivery. I was gearing up for being without him, but am super relieved and ecstatic to have him with me, getting to know our new baby, helping Magnolia adjust to being a sister, etc. Brian is a little bummed to be losing his cohort, which have become a pretty tightly knit group, but aside from that one disappointment he is just as excited as I am.


Anonymous said...

Shanni-- I'm so glad you posted a belly shot of baby girl #2. :)

Too bad about the diet stuff, that's no fun...just thing of all the good stuff that will be waiting for you after your little girl's arrival. :)

Tough decisions about grad school, Brian - but I'm excited for you to be able to be present for all of the transitions that your family will make this July.

Hope all of you are well. Happy Easter! --Natalie

Aimee said...

You look beautiful! So glad that Brian is going to be with you this summer!