Sunday, November 2, 2008

What do you get when you cross a Ladybug, a Bat, and Princess Leia? Halloween '08!

In spite of still being pa-sickie, we decided to join some of our friends with young families for Halloween festivities. The evening began with Princess Leia and a Bear dancing to ghostbusters, which is always awesome.
We warmed up with some yummy soup and made sure everyone had all their appropriate costume parts and candy receptacles.

There were two wagons; one for the little ones and one for the bigger kids. Unfortunately, Magnolia decided she was not a fan of the wagon. She preferred Mama Bear's arms.

The Three Bears

It is amazing how quickly kids learn and how long lasting their memory can be when candy is involved. The three-year-old's were leading the charge, but it wasn't long before the younger ones had caught on.
Already these savvy "big kids" had learned the art of trading and the bonus of the unattended candy jar by the front door. I was impressed by one little boy/bear that very responsibly and nicely informed potential treaters that he couldn't have their chocolate treat because he is allergic to dairy.

It was fun to be with other families on a nice night and laugh at our kids. But with it came a realization that Halloween is forever changed.  We'll miss the grown-up costume parties but look forward to many more Halloweens like this one, filled with squeals of anticipation and candy-induced ecstasy.

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